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[edit] By Ozzie

many guys are praising the forum and that´s cool. we will keep it up for you guys to the best of our ability.

i looked back to the times i was starting out trying to learn the skillset, going out everyweek end, either rain or shine. literally. i distinctly remember pulling a girl in the middle of a snow storm in my banged up joke of a car, ford fiesta. car sliding and all. i fucked her.

i digress. i look back and i specifically can pin point some of things that i did right when i used to post my stuff everyother day. i also did some stupid things that are clear now after some time, etc. so i will try to break this down a bit and may be help somebody out there.

first of all,

what not to look for in an internet forum, the donts.

  1. dont treat the forum as your personal blog. it is not personal.
  2. dont vent your anger, frustration, "alpha" vibes on forum members. they are not responsible. they are just an avatar on your screen. that´s stupid and nobody gives a shit.
  3. dont look for negative threads nor engage in them. they will suck the energy right out of you even if you win the argument. less energy for the field. they would implant negative loops in your head. you will be responding in your head to some jerk off on the net. suck your energy.
  4. dont sub field time with forum time. go into the forum for a limited amount of time.
  5. dont kj. dont post shit you havent even tried or talk about shit you dont know about just because it looks good or sounds good to you.
  6. avoid internet forum alpha man, or typical forum bully. they are usually pussies in the field. nothing to learn from them except negativity and in the end, a waste of time and energy. they will suck you right in.
  7. stay on topic. be specific about your pointers. be simple and to the point. it makes it easier for others to help you and you will get help 10 times faster and more effective.
  8. dont go the forum to shoosh your inner child or some shit. this is not a fcking loco center. pay your money and go to a real therapist that can really help you, not a bunch of horny guys in the internet. seriously, go.

what to look for

  1. look here for motivation to keep going. this is your time away from the field. field is king. forum time is to recharge batteries, get shit out of your chest and get BACK IN THE FIELD. if you do this, you will pass everybody you look up to in the forum. very few do this. field is king. forum is just for motivation and get some technical shit sorted.
  2. look for the positive guys that are in the field, learning it for real. you will notice that they dont make a lot of noise but they are usually spot on about advice. these guys are your source of inspiration and try and get them on your side. some have taken bcs already and they know the most common mistakes and have corrected them. they can help you FOR REAL. they have interacted with people who really have game and have seen and experienced what real pu looks like.
  3. post your frs religiously. get that shit out. it is like watching the movie twice. you will get the meaning of it. you will see the blind spots.
  4. look to build an attitude around pu, rather than a bunch of techniques and tactics. dont be the "tactics" guy. or specially the "opener" guy. opener collectors rarely open. i opened with the same opener for 2 years. rarely changed my "stack". today, i dont use them. i just introduce myself.

that´s about it. i guess it is long but it might help you take the total juice out of a forum and make the best out of it.


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