What the Fuck Are You Doing?!

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Hey ya'll.

I'm pretty sure you're serious about getting girls. When you're alone, man do you want to bang. Or put yourself in a situation where you don't let yourself be sexually aggressive (Like work..), man do you want to bang badly.

Where the fuck is this dude that just wants to bang when you're at the club?

Why are you hiding him behind "Oh its just approaches tonight", "Just working on my kino escalation tonight", "Oh I'm just going for numbers tonight", "Oh I'm just hanging out tonight having fun.." -- seriously, I could go on forever.

Where the fuck is the MAN inside you that is screaming "MAN I WANT TO FUCKING BANG!!!" when you actually have the chance to?

I mean this is just an illustration right here, this article of mine is about being serious. Not like "Mr. Cool Guy" serious, but serious about trying to bang girls.

Before you go out, what are your intentions going out? Are you intending on bringing a girl back and railing the shit out of her? Or are your intentions something like "practice my game" or whatever.

If its -anything other than- "I want to get laid tonight." then you're lying to yourself and everyone around you.

Maybe this is what the good ol boys are talking about when they say "intent" or "kill the entertainer man". I dunno. This is Lawson's version.

Who cares about how girls perceive you for a second. This isn't about other people here, this isn't about getting them or not getting them. This is about YOU, and only YOU.

This is foundation level shit, so listen up.

How SERIOUS about getting laid are you? When you walk up to a girl to talk to her, are you INTENDING to bring her home that night? Are your intentions to BANG or are they something else? (Whether it be "practice", "indifference threshold" whatever the fuck you wanna call it).

I don't care what you want to call it. If you don't have a direction to lead the woman where the fuck is she gonna follow you to?

Make your direction sex. Be real with your inner core. There is no "practicing game". If you're practicing then when the fuck are you gonna PLAY?

Get in the game. Start playing for real.


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