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I personally know Tyler and a lot of other people I've spoken to have gotten a lot out of what I'm gonna do my best to articulate via the written word (not as easy said than done).

I heard someone say once, "You are what you do". I think that says a lot if you're trying to find out what you should be doing with your time. Based on the ratio of your post you spent on flying versus the 'other' stuff, it sounds like you want to fly.

Otherwise, I stand by my prior statements that all answers people seek in life they already know. They just need to recognize it and have the courage and strength to go after it. Nobody can tell you what you should do, so you are right in not listening to the people around you, though, they probably have the best intentions. None-the-less, in my experience, as you asked, it's a recipe for bad consequences.

In January, as I was wondering about a question I had in my own life (seriously, I think it was after I picked up a Playboy model & TV host that l kinda freaked about how to handle expectations) and I had a great--if not the greatest--epiphany of my life.

In summation it is, "Be whom you are meant to be". That was it. I typed it up and posted it on my wall. I realized every answer I could ever have in life was in that statement. I already *knew* in my mind who I saw myself as. I already *knew* inside my own potential. It was only up to *me* to live up to it. It was a pretty profound realization.

You see, there are times when, as a man and (as people tell me) an extremely well put together person, that my judgments can get clouded by an emotion. We've all been there. In these times it can be difficult to be sure of what to do or think, but if you rear back and really ask yourself that question, "Who am I meant to be?"--the answer WILL become clear.



You are sitting there watching CSI: Miami REALITY: It's a Thursday night and you *know* there are loads of hot women out tonight at Club Tightshirt that you could meet... if not just for practice


You are fucking tired, scared to meet women, need to wash your clothes, and have social anxiety disorder ANSWER: Be whom you're meant to be. You have to ask and find that answer. In your mind you don't see yourself as a fat ass watching TV, but someone who has women in your life. You can see it and know that God didn't put you on this Earth to not have women or good people in your life. You know truly that you must take action and do the steps to be the person that you *know* you should be. Get up and do it because you have no choice. This is who you *know* you are and right now you are FAILING at your own expectations of yourself. Catch up and start to take those actions that you need to do to get there. You have no choice.


Go to club Shinyshirt and meet some women. As a side note: if you keep failing your own vision of yourself you will be that man at 40 with no life, no women, a career you hate, and no social skills. Call this preemptive midlife crisis treatment. This is the true self actualization.

EXAMPLE 2 (this one is a little more subjective on whom you see yourself as):


You are at a bar with a buddy and three girls are standing next to the bar.


You’re single and would love to talk to those girls at the bar. The girls aren’t really having any earth changing conversation. MIND FUCK: Well, they look like they’re having a good conversation with each other. They might give me an ugly/mean face and I’m not even wearing my favorite cool shirt. I’ll just try and talk to them later after this beer. Hopefully, we’ll be forced to talk to each other so*****.


Be whom you’re meant to be. In how I see myself as how I should be, I see myself with women, I am meant to get phone numbers, I make out with a girl if it’s right, having a conversation with a woman isn’t a big deal, and people think I’m an awesome person. I am not a cowering person. This is whom I’m meant to be and I’ve got no choice but to talk to those girls or I’m failing me and my God given purpose on this Earth. I listen to my gut because it does not fail me. My gut is trying to show me my path and what I need to do. Inside I know it’s the right thing to do. If, for some reason, that these girls don’t become part of my life then they weren’t meant or fit into my path at that time-maybe some other time, though. No worries, my gut will tell me that too. It doesn’t bother me, because I’m still moving with my purpose and intent of whom I’m meant to be.


Follow your gut and approach.



I had spent 24 straight hours with Playboy model just vibing, fucking, and truly connecting with her. The next day after some of the glow had worn off, I was dealing with future expectations. I kinda mind fucked myself for a little while and it clouded my judgment. (Fuck, I’ve never asked for advice from anybody about girls in my life and I even called Tyler. Thank God he was driving in some mountain range in Hawaii and kept losing the signal.)


I knew she loved me and had never met somebody like me before. I gave her one of the best experiences in her life.


No matter that I knew she loved me, I still didn't know if my own self worth was enough to live up to a celebrity that every man creams his pants over, millionaires threw money at, and her current live-in doctor boyfriend. I literally wasted hours with this mind cloud of how to act or be. (Shit guys, don't ever say I'm not completely honest on this board-I never have anything to hide from anyone)


Be whom I am meant to be. I doesn't matter what she thinks. I am living my life and it's not changing for her or anybody. I don't have to change for shit. She can be a part of my life and accept me if she wants or not. No matter what I'll be fine. Completely indifferent. She loved me for what I was and nothing's changed. I have my own path to worry about than to worry about if mine fits in hers.


Follow my gut and just call her and be cool.

(btw, it turned out she felt the same way with me. that's what happens when YOU’RE the true ten. She was scared to death about what I thought of her the day after)


I coulda just said, ‘don’t be a pussy’, but a lot of people just don’t ‘get’ or understand that one. Regardless, I hope people truly follow this post. In a way, it’s a summation of a lifetime of wisdom derived from common sense, research, study, observation, tons of hard knocks and success, and general experience. If you follow it, it WILL change your life and how you make decisions in your life. It gives you the structure and know-how of how to be a man and truly live by your own decisions. Granted, most of the work is on YOU, though. It really is as simple as that. There's beauty in simplicity. It's just not always easy to face yourself.

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