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Как стать хорошим мужем ?


[edit] leak lets see what the swine flu choose be!

Our neighbors throing the whole kit out of the fridge! They ve bought pork recently and the proprietor said that it was from mexico! Should we not eat pork now?

[edit] How of consequence you make up it is?

Are you kidding me!!??? Swine FLU??? In sommer in heat? Is it balance out possible? I am from Cali and I anxious! brace healthful!

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[edit] Vsem zdras'te. Nemnogo otvlech'sya predlagayu

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[edit] I devour pork any ways

I infatuation my bacon during breakfast! And I m not gonna be over eating it! Flu is airborn virus if you cook edibles it dies!

[edit] Zdravstvuite... Nemnogo prikolot'sya pomogu

Thank you for this article. Now this site in my rss reader. coichosmora

[edit] Хороший сайт

Неплохо Как по мне то не мешало бы фотографий или иллюстраций побольше. Чего вы стесняетесь ребята, вас читают!

[edit] Неплохой ресурс

Отлично Если конечно кого то интерисует мое мнение то не мешало было бы фоток или иллюстраций побольше. Чего вы стесняетесь ребята, вас читают!

[edit] Did you see Susan Boyle?

Did you see Simons despite on Brtiatn got predisposition when Susan Boyle stareted to intone? That was a jolter for everybody under the sun! I v seen it hundred times already! lol

[edit] How honest you mull over it is?

Are you kidding me!!??? Swine FLU??? In sommer in heat? Is it balance out possible? I am from Cali and I anxious! thwart wholesome!

[edit] Zdravstvuite! Nemnogo porzhat' predlagayu

V SSSR byla pogovorka "Dai budet pri kommunizme, a seichas kupi!" Seichas govoryat "Dai bylo pri kommunizme, a seichas kupi!" To li kommunizm neulovim, to li nas na@ebali!


[edit] Nice theme how did you..?

Least nice web have here! My friend actualy sent me a link! Good stroke of luck!

[edit] Hey that what I was looking representing!

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[edit] Equitable droped by way of to say HI!

How is that original going on? You be aware ..the one you ve been righting for three years? NO? lol Courteous entanglement!

[edit] Even-handed droped via to suggest HI!

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[edit] Waddaup peoples how are you!

The untested hither adventure...broken know Like Stewi in Division Guy

[edit] Splendidly lets over what the swine flu will be!

Are you kidding me!!??? Swine FLU??? In sommer in heat? Is it equal possible? I am from Cali and I uneasy! Stay nourishing!

[edit] Should we start panicing?

Are you kidding me!!??? Swine FLU??? In sommer in heat? Is it coequal possible? I am from Cali and I uneasy! Freeze healthy!

[edit] Just here to hold what's up!?

Are you apt on the summer vacation? Brown should be ardent as never up front!!:) Fancy my ac have a yen for slack up on me! Any plans?

[edit] Vsem privet! Nemnogo posmeyat'sya predlagayu

Gulyal kak to po "Vinnersu"(set' magazinov v Kanade) i vybiraya veshi dlya svoei dochurki uslyshal russkuyu rech'. Mamasha stoyala u stenda s detskimi kurtochkami i chto to vybirala svoemu malyshu. Malen'kii zhe neposeda(N) krutilsya ryadom i dostaval roditel'nicu(R) voprosami. N. - a zachem mne kurtochka R. - skoro budet holodno i tebe nuzhna budet kurtochka malysh gromko vtorit mamashe: skoro budet holyday i mne nuzhna budet kurtochka Mamasha ispravlyaet: ne holyday a holodno Malysh othodit v storonu (ko mne) i tihon'ko bormochet: esli skoro budet holyday to zachem mne kurtochka?


[edit] Ripe also in behalf of vacation?

Planning on vacation already? I gamble no Mexico burgh due to the fact that you? lol hope that Swine flu on be upwards quickly!

[edit] Genial theme how did you..?

Uncommonly likeable thread! Large jon admins! I be versed its unkind but you are on the favourable procedure! Like you net! Thanks

[edit] Nice thread what did you use?

Did you notice a reborn unveil alaready? Any one knows hot and where to get it?

[edit] Great trap I like!

Kindly color theme? What is it? Amass up a cloth profession! Good fluke

[edit] I ve installed fund works pronounced!

They should would rather done somehting like Windows 7 a while ago! Discriminative competion to MAC OSX! Not definitely a competion but principled made Windows much better!I underwrite

[edit] Did you visualize Windows 7?

Way farster boot sooner ! Abundant grafics....yes and it is WINDOWS..7 it is! You can get if free at ms website! I am 19 and am a PC!

[edit] Спасиба

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[edit] blablabla

Храни себя от бед пока их нет

[edit] Develop me on twitter..

Simper is an wondrous mod detestation! I am there!Does any one uses it? Instal a pardon me cognizant of I d like to follow....thanks!

[edit] Am looking for the Joe?

We were on a confrerence, I dream up I ve heard of this web! charming thesis happily done!

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[edit] Did you try it?

You should perceive windows 7! Finaly Bil Gates can be proud of it! Fearful OS strongly recommend

[edit] Did you sight Windows 7 already?

We ve talk upon systems in advance of! Admirably tried Windows 7! is unbelievable! I never thought I d guess this take windows but this one totaly blew me away! Analyse it whil its manumitted! Improved then VISTA!

[edit] She did it again! I warmth Susan Boyle!

We are affluent to attend to Closing of Britaing got tallent with Susan Boyle! Couple us! We should opt!

[edit] How did you like Conan?

Did you ascertain new make clear with Conan! Great replacement as a replacement for John Leno......I predilection the jokes love the studio! Jimmy Felon sucks!

[edit] I bet they do that always!

How about nee Terminator movie? I liked it! Action, robots lots of shooting! Why do people complain it was not enogh drama? Who cares about drama?

[edit] I can’t wait til my work day a re over I’m so …

"A good laugh  makes us  fill well with ourselves and everybody around us." -  You could miprove your appearacne bhy adjusting the display settings…

[edit] Did you see Sony Rolly?

Did you Sony Rolly !??? It is not sold in US yet, is it?? I want one bad!!

[edit] Best movie of the summer no doubt!

You shoul go see THE Hangover! Halarious! I was sceptical at first but honestly it is classic right there! Awesom!

[edit] They have liquid vest by the way

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[edit] класссс


[edit] Can I follow you?

Nice Blog ....good job! Can I find you on Twitter? Are you using it?

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[edit] What are the reviews?

Cant decide wether PROPOSAL or YEAR ONE movie to watch this weekend! Cant wait to see Transformers 2~ Should be awesome

[edit] Did any one saw it?

i am going out today on a first date! What would anyy one recommend to watch this weekendd? How about Year one? Any reveiws?

[edit] Всем привет

Опубликовал для своем блоге вашу статью, и напечатал там конечно-же обратную ссылку для вас. Только вот зашел посмотреть поевился ли трекбек, а его недостает

[edit] SUPER

thanks SUPER !

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[edit] I still can’t believe Michael is gone…

Music of Michael Jackson is going to live for ever no matter what, I think It's became a  legendof 'pop', He was so depressed last time and has lots of problems, poor guy - that was probably end for him - so sad all we can do is keep  memory of him in our hearts.

[edit] Ukiidfidfifd fdyurika

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[edit] Help to listen music now

I want to listen good music!

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