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SHOCK and AWE... The Apocalypse OpenerSSP - Sexual State Projection
SaadSecret SocietySeduction
Sexual PredatorSexual PrimatesSexual Tension
Sexual state reduxSheep ShearerShit Test
Shock and aweShort quotesSincere compliment
SocalworkwomanSocial PressureSocial Vibing
Some New Attraction TechnologyState ControlState Projection: The Leaf Becomes The Hurricane
State in a CanStealing Horny ChicksStreet Approach
Stripper GameSublimeSucceeding Negativity
Talking About A RevolutionTall HairTapping into the "Deep Champion
Tension TestThat Weird Feeling When You Really Start Projecting YourselfTheNow
The "Now" Is All There Ever Is...The 'Quizzical' OpenerThe Anomaly Effect
The Art of GivingThe BlueprintThe Blueprint Decoded
The Bubble: TRULY Acting Through Your Own Intentions (Collab. w/ Bourne Perfection)The Cartography Of hellThe Claw
The College Scene: ConsolidatedThe Combat TriangleThe Dynamic Nature Of Your Existence
The Elastic Band Snapback EffectThe Epic College Game PostThe Ethical Asshole: Jerk Game Defined
The FeudThe Introduction of MBT ShoesThe Jeffy Show
The LIVING ExampleThe Lair of Tarn RazorlorThe Meek Will Inherit The Earth
The New RSDThe Power Of Social CircleThe Root of The Game
The Runescape Affable SkillThe Sad Truth About the Guys Who Get Hot GirlsThe Tao Of Ciaran
The Zen of PUThe answer to every question of your lifeThe number one rule
The power of our PrinciplesThe way I run the GameTheory and Application
This is my lifeThoughts from a PUAThrone of Miscellania
Thug LovinTiantiTim
ToddTotal Eclipse of the ChodeTow trucking explained
TransformationsTrench Time and the Twilight ZoneTribal Totem
Troll RomanceTrue NFL Fans Wear NFL JerseysTrust Test
Turbo GirlTwenty-SixTwenty-Six (Extramask)
TylerUniversity of Wisconsin–MadisonUnleash Yourself Be Mindful Be Free
Unlocking The Power Of SilenceUnreactive vs InexpressiveUnreactivity
Unreactivity by RSDValueVibing
Voice Projection : You won't be deniedWalking like a duckWhat Lies Below
What is Runescape?What is fundamentally wrong with the community?What is your game
What the Fuck Are You Doing?!What to look for in the forumWhy Looks Don't Matter
Why Naturals get girls and how to become a Natural?WikipageWisdom from Days of Yore
Wolf WhistleWomen's best 'shit-test'Working A LTR
Working on Pickup Vs. Working on PersonalityYaodiYou Are The Hero
You Are Who You Are Destined To BeZogre Flesh Eaters

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