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By Pimpski

When you see a woman behave in bed, you are seeing her in her purist feminine form. This is the point where you are all man, and she is all woman. Masculine/Feminine, Yin/Yang, polar oppositions creating a whole. And this “whole” (pun intended) is our basis of interaction. This means that when we experience a woman before sleeping with them then we are essentially seeing a tame version of the sexual creature they truly are.

It has been said that “who we are as people and who we are in bed” as having zero correlation. If you think about it, the most highly valued guy in the world can have the most bizarre sexual fetishes and its totally cool with everyone else because of his higher social value. Which brings up a point, where your social value is worth more then your sexual judgments. Hypothetically, socially acceptable sexuality is determined by the person with the highest social value in the group.

But what does this mean for Pickup? It means that there are certain patterns of behavior that can become synonymous with sexual performance. Start to notice them. It is obvious as mammals that our sexual reproduction mechanisms have its fair share of auto-pilot mate selection. Lets apply the 80/20 rule to this, where 80% is primal and 20% is social. (Obviously there are exceptions, as with everything) We’re still primitive on a survival level, especially when you consider that the largest indicator of sexuality is the health of your body which has been echoed into traits such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and energy levels in addition to the cosmetic standards we succumb ourselves to on a daily basis. The amount of grooming necessary to keep our bodies amongst the standards of social acceptability takes up a vast majority of our time. It changes by the second as new trends are fashioned while our shift in social value uncovers a new side of population that gets its share of the lime light for only a limited amount of time.

I’m beginning to see a hierarchy here. The first encounter with a girl is always superficial, and although possibly leading to sex, does not uncover the depths of that person as a human being. Nowhere near it. So effectively, there is an iceberg in getting to know someone in the sense that it starts off exposed to the world then slowly deepens and gets wider. At the same time it is getting darker, and darker by the second. More and more secrets and realizations about people face acceptance in the eyes of another, and once that has been validated a bond is formed. A real friend knows everything fucked up about you, and still likes you for it. Once you get to know someone to the core, you’re first impression of them disappears completely. It’s a totally different person.

So back that up a bit. If your Self is always shining through then we understand that the person we present is only an echo of the true self, which has been masked by what our sense of acceptance deems as representation of our place in the social hierarchy (which I just realized is also in the shape of an iceberg. Interesting). The 80/20 rule would associate 80% self and 20% social conditioning.

The Centre for Restorative Justice associated with Simon Fraser University School of Criminology in Canada present this diagram which I literally just found as I was typing this:

I have no idea who these people are but they’re thinking exactly the same way that I am. If you notice on the diagram, the only thing external is your actions. Actions are all anyone gets to see. This is the sense of self that you have in which other people can outright judge you by. Underneath are feelings and even deeper are values: Our core at the bottom with the most weight.

So how does this apply to attraction? Easy. What a girl displays externally (action based) is a mimic of a deeper, darker desire underneath. Each mannerism and action given on a surface level is an echo of intent from the core. Learning to interpret this sexual language is crucial. The surface level where we pull girls home is an echo from our desires for survival. That’s why we go “caveman.” Our 20% social selves mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.

However, we need to overcome this “social value” barrier which is getting in the way of our sex. The best way to win a fight is to avoid it. The only link between sexuality and social acceptance is publicity. Publicity creates associations and isolation to those exposed, and this is a major fear we as people deal with. Sexuality is the ultimate indicator for who you are at the core if fully embraced outside of social standards. No one is there to judge you but the person you just encountered. Tyler brought up this excellent point in his Blogspot “The GFs friends” in which he said how these very classy girls who you would consider very high value can sleep with 4 guys and its perfectly fine. Sexuality has nothing to do with what type of person you are. Since the type of person you are is based on actions, only 20% is exposed and social. The other 80% is hidden and sexual.

The issue that we are trying to crack as a community is how to break from that “social” 20% to the “sexual” 80%. To do so, we work on creating a situation where both male and female accept their ultimate roles as polar opposites and expose the true self.

When does society say its OK to go caveman (and women) simultaneously? When the lights are out and no one’s around.

How do we communicate through the masks of society on a sexual level? Tonality and body language.

The self is always shining through and our intention is coming from the core, therefore if our intentions are purely sexual from the beginning then our sexuality will shine through. It is important for use to fully understand that we need to be ready for a sexual encounter at any time. If you are not then we will miss opportunities and act chode. Just as with everything else, if you keep your eye on your goal and have absolute faith that it will be accomplished, then it is only a matter of time before you make it there. Napoleon Hill talks about this in his book “Think and Grow Rich.” In the wise words of a supernatural friend of mine, “Don’t expect it, but don’t be surprised if it happens either.”

This is where being a MAN comes in. As Masculine, we are positive while Feminine are negative (not in the moody way). Men give, women receive. Men are dominate, women are submissive. Man is pushing, woman is pulling. (This is true throughout the entire iceberg scale of getting to know someone ) Men must lead and women must follow. This just re-enforces the importance of dominance and allowing your primal instinct of sexuality empower you. Ozzie always says “Be leading” and this is precisely why. This is what we are supposed to do.

We can see beyond social conditioning into primal mechanisms of action, but first we must adjust our eyes to it. Look past the actions of a girl and focus what’s underneath. See her for the sexual creature that she is and not what your social conditioning tells you she is based on the words she says and the clothes she wears. Block that shit out if you can. You’ll never have to worry about a shit test again in your life. Just go Caveman.

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