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Advanced Dating Secrets: The Complete “How To” System To Getting The Women You Want RSD’s “must see” Intro course explains the fundamental building blocks of how to attract women and lays the groundwork for lessons to come.

Guaranteed to open your eyes to the startling truth behind how attraction happens, what to do, and what tried-and-true principles govern your dating life.


With Hoobie, Jeffy, Tyler, Ozzie, & Tim Advanced applications of life-changing insights for a man dedicated to developing himself into the most naturally attractive man he can be.

Join 5 of the world’s most notorious playboys as they bring you on their transformative journey through the days of being women-less “chumps” and how they became the living legends of seduction they are today.

(Also reap the rewards of their most specialized skill and learn how to easily adapt it into your every day life)

  • Strongly recommended for men on their path towards greatness that are actively pursuing women on a regular basis.
  • Release date: August 1st 2007
  • Click Here for More Information

The Jeffy Show

ADVANCED DATING STRATEGIES FOR AN ABSURD UNIVERSE Jeffy bombards you with non-stop seduction “magic” steaming out of his “secret” vault of success.

Prepare yourself for a ride of absolute absurdity as you travel deep inside the mind of this “mad scientist” of seduction… exploring the most unbelievable (and most sexually abundant) reality you’ve ever even fathomed.

  • Excellent choice for experienced users looking for that razor-sharp, cunning edge of “bad-ass” currently missing from your game.
  • Release date: October 31st 2007
  • Click Here for More Information

The Blueprint Decoded

Four Day Total Immersion Advanced Identity Level Change Guaranteed to blow the lid wide open off of social conditioning, self-acceptance, and expose (and heal) the subconscious root of the very problem that brought you here today.

Nothing in existence even comes close to touching the sheer brilliance of this 20-hour mind-warping seminar jam-packed with enough information to leave your head spinning for a long, long time.

  • This undeniable monument of unparallel inspiration is graciously suggested to anyone at any level (but is recommended to be watched with at least moderate experience)

Flawless Natural

TIM’S TOTAL METHOD - For Attracting Beautiful Women Directing With Core Masculine Intent Timeless master of “fearless” direct game reveals his proven, step-by-step system that flashes a floodgate of new women saturating your life with little to no effort at all.

This “insiders secret” breakthrough exposes how to embrace the higher-self at your masculine core…shocking women’s natural attraction meter beyond capacity and magnetically captivating their sexual attention, without having to try.

    • This is REQUIRED for men who have previously used scripted routines, lines or any “linear” methods of attracting women**
  • Most suggested for moderate users who are less self expressive, less sexual, and are experiencing less fun then they deserve to be.*
  • Click Here for More Information

Nine Ball

Enter the maniacal mind of a man who has gone from the bottom of bottoms (literally) to the top of the top and join him in the true-life story of his epic transformation every step of the way

Jeffy brings you the no-holds-barred naked truth of what it takes to overcome major (and life altering) adversity and ultimately reign triumph over self mastery – documented in detail WHILE it happened – chock full of tips, tricks and insights into becoming the ladies man you were meant to be.

Nine Ball is a “must read” for any man who’s EVER felt a sense of struggle with emotional darkness, insecurities, or unstable self confidence.

Available in hard copy now by clicking the button below!

RSD Mastermind

The Monthly Guide to Dating and Attraction RSD’s premier multi-status monthly program serves hot, fresh-of-the-press “attraction mastery” secrets and groundbreaking seduction tips and tactics as they are discovered. Stay up-to-date on with the “cutting edge” in dating technology and ask your private questions to our Executive Coaching to be answered personally in each issue with complete confidentiality. Join hundreds of link-minded men online and experience the breath-taking momentum in being part of this collective unconscious hurling itself towards achieving excellence. Sign up now and get a copy of a “secret” seduction seminar (held by Tyler himself) and filmed live-on-location in the underground of Mexico City. This 2-Disc series FREE just by trying it out. *Recommended for all experience levels, especially those who are serious about getting this part of your life handled for good.

RSD Free Tour

No matter where you are in the world, there’s a great chance that RSD will be coming soon to a city near you!

Prepare yourself for over 4 hardcore hours of intense dating and seduction training…

…both seminar AND “in field” to maximize your results…

….and 100% absolutely FREE!

Join one of our top-notch executive coaches as he delivers one of the best (and free) pick-up workshops you’ll ever see in your life. RSD Free Tour workshops are recommended for men of ALL skill levels.

Seating, however, is very limited.

Just click the button below to check our schedule and make sure to secure your spot today!

RSD World Summit

Superconference featuring Tim, Nathan, Jeffy, Alexander, and Ozzie...and the entire Real Social Dynamics crew.

Rumors about this “seminar beyond all seminars” have been floating around the seduction underground for quite some time, and at this point it’s just around the corner.

Get ready for 7 whole days (and nights) of the most cutting edge dating and seduction coaching available to date in the heart of Las Vegas Nevada.

Closed door non-recorded seminars daily with continued training at the hottest Vegas clubs nightly (and special discounts on Bootcamps all week long) makes RSD World Summit 2009 the most intense and hyper-exclusive training event ever put in the dating industry - Period.

(Note – Highly recommended to everyone, from complete newbies to season veterans)

Limited to only 250 seats, this first-annual September event is almost sold out as of August 21st.

Don’t miss out!

Upcoming dates:

  • September 28 - October 4, 2009

RSD Bootcamp

The ultimate experience of sheer life changing ecstasy. Astonishing 3-day “mega-intense” live-in-field training program that obliterates all obstacles thwarting your success with women… has been carefully perfected since 2002 to guarantee nothing but undeniable hard-hitting and instantly noticeable results.

Taught only by the best and most extraordinary men on the planet….where each executive coach is “hand-picked” personally by Executive Producer and RSD Co-Founder Owen Cook (aka. Tyler Durden)…from amongst thousands of the worlds most successful and qualified men who’d applied.

With a hyper-strict student / instructor of 3 to 1, nothing can compare to the riveting rush of challenging yourself to the core…blasting through success barriers and most likely getting…what most men would consider… “lucky.”

We promise you will sharpen your pick-up skills to a razors edge and install a break-through “sexually abundant” lifestyle in your reality or your money back…with our full “iron clad” 100% money back guarantee.

When you’ve mustered up the guts to man-up and finally take immediate control of your love life, you’ll know… that your Executive Coach is patiently waiting to launch you on the “fast track” to your new (and deserved) lifestyle of sexual abundance and dating success.

Absolutely open to all skill levels (as this program is tailored to you personally) and is guaranteed to change your life forever no matter who you are.

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