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Gems are great posts which have been posted on RSD Nation


[edit] Android

Mega-Post: Speaking from a place of COOLNESS

My Latest Big Shift

Recognize the trick part of CORE TRANSFORMATION

[edit] Kaleidoscope

Mental Shifts

[edit] Bish

Unreactive vs Inexpressive

I don’t know what to say?

What is fundamentally wrong with the community?

Going out a lot but not getting laid?

Why Naturals get girls and how to become a Natural?

[edit] Bubs

Friends to fun friends

[edit] Burnout

A much cooler place to go than this faggy site

[edit] Caligula

How to Make Love Better Than a Pornstar

The Epic College Game Post

[edit] CharlieBrown

The Root of The Game

[edit] Codyhulk (White Tiger)

Being a bliss

New RSD on spiritual path to Buddhism

Voice Projection : You won't be denied

[edit] Darkhorse

Dealing with women's objection

[edit] Gunner

My Best Attempt to Explain "Not Caring What People Think"

[edit] John~

Observation is Fundamental

The Power Of Social Circle


The Art of Giving

1001th Post of Glory

Make It That Way (John has a great day)

8 Steps To Being In The Moment

[edit] Elan

Building Your Social Circle: A Total Moron's Field Guide

[edit] Flannery

That Weird Feeling When You Really Start Projecting Yourself

[edit] FoodBuddha

State Projection: The Leaf Becomes The Hurricane

SSP - Sexual State Projection

[edit] Halffull

Communication in the Moment: Inherent Value

Working on Pickup Vs. Working on Personality

Frame Bridging

FR+: Sexworthy.

Making Connections: Commonalities and Differences.

The 'Quizzical' Opener

[edit] Intime

Blueprint Decoded Memory File

[edit] J The Ripper

J The Ripper's How to Makeout w/ a Girl in 5 minutes or Less

[edit] Jack Diesel

Tow trucking explained


Displaying High value vs Unavailability

Controlling the conversations

Deeper side of qualifying


[edit] Jedi

LR - One set, one clowse...

LR: An ode to J-to-the-laix...

FR: Laser eyes, what more can i say...

[edit] Junior Spesh

Closing (macro-timing & rhythm)

[edit] LawsonButcher

What the Fuck Are You Doing?!

[edit] li0n

How I Run Sets

[edit] Manwhore

LR: Miss Devious

In the way you do anything.. you do everything

Communicating Values- Emotional State and Sexual Projection

Nonverbals, Communication, and Cavemanning

Shit Test

Stripper Game

Manwhore's Phone Game (Written By BabyGirl)

The College Scene: Consolidated

Bed Routine

Body Language, Height, and Personal Dominance

Theory and Application

Developing Tight Inner Game

[edit] Matt Damon

Matt Damon

[edit] Ninjasdf

Escalate her escalation... how to up the sexual chemistry

[edit] Perseverance

Deep Connections

[edit] Pimp of Persia

Pseudo-philosophy: my biggest epiphany/reframe

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out “the secret” of the game…

[edit] Pimpski (Danny Ocean)

Pimpski's Techniques

Sexual Primates

This is my life

Outcome Dependence: The double edged sword

College Game


Logic is useless

Indirect Vs Direct Approach

The power of our Principles

The way I run the Game

Unlocking The Power Of Silence

[edit] Primetime

LJBF = Lets just be fucking

[edit] S Hero

My Guide on Natural Humor

You Are Who You Are Destined To Be

My guide on Purpose

[edit] Sealdan

The Bubble: TRULY Acting Through Your Own Intentions (Collab. w/ Bourne Perfection)

[edit] Shezz

Assume Attraction

[edit] Slojodan

The Ethical Asshole: Jerk Game Defined

[edit] Sparky

Some New Attraction Technology

Building attraction verbally

Getting sexual on day1

Walking like a duck

Sexual Tension

[edit] Spitkicker

Men are Selectors

[edit] Stonefish

Happyness & Validation

Happyness & Validation

Joy is an INTERNAL state of consciousness that determines how we perceive and experience the world. If you have lost touch with your internal source of joy, if the happiness you experience always originates in circumstances OUTSIDE yourself, then you are at the MERCY of every situation and every STRANGER you meet. This kind of happiness is always elusive.

Happiness for a REASON is just another form of MISERY because the reason can be "taken away" from us at any time. To be happy for NO REASON is the happiness we want to experience!!!

If you think I’m happy because I have a great job, great friends, money or by the validation of a beautiful woman. Notice, all these reasons for happiness are tenuous, they can come and go like a passing breeze.

Happiness already exists within us, but is often covered up by distractions with our everyday concerns. Social conditioning and constricted awareness keep us distracted from it. Watch a documentary on primitive people living in Africa in a mud hut …Why are they so happy? They have nothing!

See when our life is an expression of the inner state of happiness we discover an immense reservoir of power within us. When we are self-validated, we don’t need the validation of others this power gives us freedom from fear and limitations and allow us to realize all the abundance we aspire to. We find ourselves becoming beacons of light and love, and our very presence nurtures the environment around us

Happiness is the goal of all goals, and it is a state of consciousness that already exists within you. And when happiness eludes us, we seek pleasure through addictive behaviors like alcohol & drugs out of the unconscious hope that we will find joy but external cause of happiness will never create real joy.

__________________ Stonefish

[edit] Stuart

An RSD Bootcamp: Should I do it?

[edit] Sublime

Celebrity modeling challenge

[edit] Terminator

Now You GOTTA Act

[edit] TheNow

The Zen of PU

State in a Can

[edit] TheRealScarFace

Diagram of The Mind of the Extreme Chode vs. The Mind of the Extreme Pimp

[edit] Thrillseeker

How I Dropped Social Inhibition Overnight

[edit] W Mitchell

A reminder to you newbies

[edit] Yaodi

Real quick, who has more value? Men or women?

Giving Yourself Permission To Be Who You Are Meant To Be

Why Looks Don't Matter

Making a relationship work. LTR

[edit] Zabka

The Sad Truth About the Guys Who Get Hot Girls

How to Get Good in 2008 (like, for real)

Full Immersion and the Efficient Way

[edit] The best short quotes from RSDnation

"...The best way to deal with this is to literlly escalate on every girl you open for a month straight. Regardless of whether it is the right moment, or if it doesn't seem socially calibrated etc. I was advised back in the day to escalate on every girl until all fear and shame is destroyed. Once your at this point it becomes so easy and natural it becomes second nature. I did this challenge and it blew all my fears away, and it was one of the tipping points where I started really getting the girls I wanted."...

Short quotes

[edit] Quotes from RSDchat

"<jlaix> Girl said, "Yeah but I know about you, they talk about you"
<jlaix> "They say you are a walking STD"
<jlaix> "How many girls have you been with Jeffy"
<jlaix> I said, "Oh, I don't know..."
<jlaix> She goes no really"...

RSDchat quotes

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