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Absolute must read classics

Thanks funny site


[edit] Geoff

How to Ride the Vibe to the Fuck

12 Thoughts on Life and Pick-Up

Thoughts from a PUA

From a night in Vegas

Back to the Basics

On overtaking fear or simply not approaching

Geoff Shoots From the Hip

[edit] Jeffy

Tall Hair

Thug Lovin

Attack Kitten

My Little Pony

Sexual state redux

American Billionaire

Deep, Identity-Level Change


The "Now" Is All There Ever Is...

Sexual state redux

A Few Thoughts on Calibration

Nine Quick Fixes That Will Immediately Boost Your Success With Women

Hit Her Blueprint To Spark Attraction Instantly!

[edit] Twenty-Six (Extramask)

Pretend to strike her

[edit] Papa

Sincere compliment

How to kiss

Lying Game

[edit] Tim

You Are The Hero

Challenge of the default

Chaos - The new way (and your potential)

Comfort in Set

Tapping into the "Deep Champion"

[edit] Loverboy

One Step at a Time

[edit] Alexander~

Becoming the Sexworthy Guy

Be the Music

Trench Time and the Twilight Zone

Coming From the Right Place

Friday Afternoon Euphoria

Funny anecdote

Elite Congruence

Operation Charlie~Kilo

Nature versus Nurture

Expression vs Impression. Natural Attraction.

[edit] Ozzie

Succeeding Negativity

Perpetual Disappointment


What to look for in the forum

Playful and friendly.P&F

Dance floor game(at your own risk!)

[edit] Nathan

The answer to every question of your life

The LIVING Example

Elicting Values

Working A LTR

My favourite new extraction method

Being Sexual

100% Guaranteed Never to Flake Gameplan

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