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At any one time in my life i will be working towards several different goals simultaneously. keeps me occupied, keeps me challenged, keeps me entertained.

One thing I always wanted to really conquer was my own aesthetics.

I was shopping at a duty free store today and I realised that becoming a professional model would make an awesome career. It was as i sprayed sample cologne onto a tester strip that i noticed the abundance of free products i would get a s benefit of my photographic and cat walk obligations.

As i indulged in this dreamtimez, it also occurred to me the difficulty that will accompany such an achievement. Not just anyone can become an internationally renowned model. Especially girls. ut as far as i understand for guy you just have to have the ripped abs, pretty complexion and above the bar personal grooming.

A sense of style would be helpful, charisma and presence.

I walked my way to the front of a duty free mirror and began to slowly nod in self agreement.

It is time. Not fornication time. Dreamtimez.

If anyone one could execute such a feat it would be me. I have the time and commitment. The right head on my shoulders and plenty of room to improve.

The primary goal:

[nice body]

The secondary goal:


So. I hereby lay out my intentions for this challenge. And means by which for achieving them.

Join me, to strut the cat walk with an expressionless glint in your eye. If you dare.

Here’s what’s gonna be required. And this is a stark contrast to my life right now.

Discipline. Diet and working out. I always eat out. the rule of thumb is all natural foods. White meat. No dressings. Including fruits, nuts, vegetables and a lot of fish.

Sushi is ok. Coffee is ok. All other times only water.

Gum must be on hand at all times and chewed until no longer flavorsome. This enhances breath, thwarts appetite and strengthens the jaw line. An essential element of the male model's resume.

When i drink it must only be straight gin. No ice. If its gonna be bad, lets make it real bad. I already only do this anyway. Straight gin is similar in many ways to the good old fashioned lime in the eye.

I will shave daily in an effort to grow a beard. Sleep at regular intervals. Use proactive to nimbus the complexion.

I have purchased a skipping rope. And my many hotels have fire escapes purpose build to be exercised upon.

My audio books will be played out as a casually run one hour jogs on the tread mills.

Cardio exercise can be substituted for down hill skiing.

I will wear Calvin Kline 'Be' pour de homme each day to remind me of my mission.

I will smile.

Each day i will exercise twice. One High intensity, one low intensity. I will day two instead of binge drinking with confederates and newly formed piss head friends.

I will save a lot of money.

Hi intensity exercise will be 3x fire escape sprints (minimum ten levels). 10 minutes with skipping rope (40 seconds easy, 20 seconds hard). And 6 minutes boxing (30 seconds easy, 30 seconds hard).

Low intensity will consist of various resistance training, chest back and arms. No rests between sets, alternating groups. Followed by one hour easy jog.

Each evening and night I will do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups and 9 prone holds, three for each abdominal dimension.

Protein supplement will be consumed. Multivitamins will be consumed. Hydroxycut will be consumed.

I will hang out in the sun... (as much as possible(winter of paradise))

I will whiten my teeth, using gum and strips.

Operation Charlie~Kilo.

The advantages of holding this sort of position are the networking opportunities. The girls I will meet in the process, the people in the industry, the creative minds. CK will dress me, clothes, eyewear, shoes, cologne Everything.

This will test my discipline and time management skills. My love of beer and my generally reckless abandon.

Attraction = higher value plus a full range of emotions. The CK models are highly regarded by society.

Print this out, post it on your wall, your batthroom or office cubicle…join operation Charlie~Kilo.

Game in a new dimension.

Projection is perception: wait and see.


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