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By Pimpski

Go watch the movie "Blow." There's a scene where Johnny Depp's character meets Penelope Cruz's character. Its the best direct opener ever.

All he does is approach her the second they lock eyes, walks over and says hi. Very little is said between them but there is a very noticeable sexual vibe between them. He goes and sits down, she stares at him. In the next scene he walks out to another room and she appears out of nowhere, and they're making out.

The idea is this: Direct openers do not hide the fact that sex is going to happen. You are approaching a girl in a way where you are quite literally a sexual primate and there is a high probability of sex happening very, very soon.

Now keep in mind our social boundaries. There are certain "do's" and "don'ts" in our society that we must abide by. They're called laws. The reality is that we are designed as biomechanical sexual machines and the act of sex comes from a very primal level. Therefore, the entire process of sexual selection stems from a deep and unconscious part of our anatomy. On the other hand, we are also victims of social programming, or conditioning as Tyler would say. Our perception of society has been morphing since the dawn of man and continues to evolve as each new development raise our standard of living.

The standard of living is a double edge sword. On one hand, we develop new technologies that make our lives seemingly less complicated yet more and more difficult at the same time. Its only been in the last century that inventions began to surpass fulfillment of our basic needs, especially with the introduction of the internet. Our evolution as a society has skyrocketed in exponential proportions.

On the other hand, we have been forced with standards of behavior that govern our society. Our focus is on what is acceptable on a physical/intimate level between men and women in certain circumstances in today’s society. Women have been given so much power that they can get us in trouble for our sexual advances.

The purpose of "Game" is to consciously maneuver between our primal urges and the current norm of what is acceptable in society. Its no coincidence that we use the term "caveman" when we talk about immediate sexual contact. In their primitive culture, they would just take the girl and fuck her to make babies. That’s how they did it. Today, we have to navigate through social conditioning to allow for that to be acceptable and available. So our answer is to ATTRACT and SEDUCE women in order to create the most crucial factor in a sexual relationship: Consent.

What is consent? A girl admitting that its ok for her to have sex. She wants sex, but she doesn't want to admit it. But how can she be consensual if she doesn't want to admit it? She puts herself in a situation that she wants to be in which involves the possibility of sex, but doesn't want to take ANY responsibility for it. (LTRs are different. If she advances on you, its a sure fire sign that she's going to do it again. If she's going to do it again, she's going to want to do it all the time. Then she's going to want commitment. That’s how relationships start.) We study seduction to allow a girl to enter our lives in a sexual manor. We are the ones that must initiate everything.

But of course, there is a lot to ****le here. Our primal sexuality, our social standards, the level of consent and your game. A DIRECT opener conveys a perfect balance of all of these things. You're sexually charged, your not advancing inappropriately, your calibrating her level of consent (buying temp i suppose you can say) and you're communicating a vibe. You're being 100% honest and are really putting it all out there. All or nothing.

This is scary, huh? You are facing a good possibility of TOTAL AND INSTANT REJECTION. This takes balls guys. The key is your frame. You need a solid frame because 9 out of 10 times, you are going to get some shit tests on the same level of intensity. The more you give, the more you take. You must be congruent and non-outcome dependent our your frame will shatter. It is a well developed and understood law that higher risk yields higher returns. If you strike out, you strike out.

But, if you HIT THAT SHIT, you'll blow it out of the park. This is how 30 minute pulls happen. You are a fucking RAKE. (read the art of seduction if you haven’t, especially for this reference.) This is quite possibly the most sexual thing you can do as a man.

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