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You'll Meet Alex Treasure....

This new Australian instructor-prodigy has just returned from a world-tour where he received rave reviews on every continent. He's hungry to make a name for himself... and that makes him dangerous. With Alex...

   * Experience a potent BLAST of a cutting edge practical advice from a guy who's background in psychology and DIZZYING success with women guarantees to smash your limiting beliefs into swirling motes of dust. 
   * Obtain his core ability to generate that 'fun party-vibe...' and the results you'll see from women will be unlike anything you've ever seen...
   * Hear how his against-the-odds struggle gave him the strength and perspective to explode to truly world-class levels of pickup brilliance at a very young age... and you'll walk away with his hidden keys to RAPID, EXPLOSIVE change.

You'll meet Nathan...

A hurricane of dominant masculinity, Nathan's experience as a US Navy Rescue Diver taught him courage, and what it really means to face down fear. You'll...

   * Absorb pure inner game DYNAMITE... guaranteeing that women will flock to the inner power that you will radiate.
   * See presence so potent that just WATCHING him speak will rewire you to a whole new level of confidence.  You won't know why... but your results will skyrocket, overnight.
   * Hear Nathan reveal his BEST material – and once you see EXACTLY how his 'natural delivery' destroys all resistance, you'll never be lost for words again, because women will be desperate to impress you.

You'll experience the burning passion of Ozzie..

This Latin wildman has built world-class notoriety as RSD's 'man in London.' His ability to channel and unleash his passion and fun allow him to

   * Shatter your beliefs about needing ANY structure WHATSOEVER when seducing a stunning women. After this, you'll realize that you already have the ability to get model-hot girls home with you... you'll never sleep alone again!
   * Detonate your passions into any subject – with the explosive power of genuine self-expression you can make women your sex-crazed love slaves... even if you're talking about the weather!
   * Charge your conversations with crackling sexual energy... once you hear this simple, idiot-proof idea you'll be able to kiss the most unbelievably hot women – even if they've never seen you before in their lives!

You'll be stunned by the visceral energy of Jeffy...

This crazy, world-class seducer has spent years honing his abilities to a sick level of raging, zen-like ability. He will show you how you can...

   * Unleash your inner beast, generating massive attraction by tapping into your inner insanity... once you've heard this your presence will shimmer with animal power, reducing women to dripping puddles of shameless lust.
   * Cut to the chase – and get very sexual very fast.  Once you've heard this you can get those girls thinking unabashed filth, and eager to get you alone.
   * Break all the rules – and in doing so, set yourself free from the chains society has placed around you.  Once you get spoon-fed this world-altering realization, women will be drawn to the freedom that will shine through you.
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