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Don't You Know There's A War On?

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You go out at LEAST 3 nights a week, and NO MORE than 5 nights a week.

You approach 5 girls per night, open, then hang in there and escalate in whatever way you can until you get blown out.

After your 5 are done you can do more if you want to, if you're in state or if you're just feeling keen.

But you ABSOLUTELY have to approach 5 chicks. And yes, a group of 5 girls still just counts as ONE approach.

You do 5 approaches a night.

Unless you pull, obviously.

Each approach you play TO THE WIRE. You do not do 'trial approaches.' You play that shit out until you get blown out.

You do not number close.

Yes, you heard me. You cannot fuck a phone number, so you don't fucking take them until AFTER you've fucked a girl.

You do not have a wingman.

Yes, you heard me. You tell yourself it's for backup, but really 90% of the time that 'backup' is just something for your ego to hide behind.

Be merciless with your ego.

Take the pain.

Take it all.

Don't bitch, don't whine, don't complain. Be a fucking man. Take it.

You approach scary sets, impossible sets, easy sets and anything else that looks like it has a vagina.

You go to this website:

You buy ALL of his audio products.

You go to this website:

And you buy an iPod.

You put NO MUSIC on your iPod. You listen to Tolle relentlessly. Relentlessly.

Whenever you can, you listen to him. You fill your brain with his voice.

You get industrial about this. This is not self-help.

This is self-destruction.

You do this for two months.

Then you take a fortnight off.

Then you do it for two months.

Then you take a fortnight off.

You continue this process.

If you cannot do this because of your job, quit.

If you cannot do this because of your friends, ditch them.

If you cannot do this because of money concerns, drink water when you're out, go to bars with no cover charge and do it anyway.

Or kill someone and steal their wallet.

If you cannot do it because you are scared, face your fear and face it down.

Keep your method SIMPLE and YOURS.

You do not want to be THINKING. Steer clear of 'tactics' based game as you would steer clear of fucking a leper.

Check out RSD's wiki ( and read the instructor's articles.

Click this link and read the article it links to.

If you are looking for a product to buy, buy an RSD product. They are all awesome and all of them will help you massively.

If you can afford a bootcamp, take one. If not, just fucking go out and punch through that fucking wall with your bare fists.

Success is nothing more than pressure over time, so be relentless.

Never accept your excuses.

Push yourself way, WAY beyond your pain threshold.

Be savage with your training, and you will see extreme improvement.

And remember - if you give up on this you are resigning yourself to a life of mediocrity.

Which, to any right thinking man, is way, way worse than death.

Now get up.

Get up now.

Turn your fucking computer off and get up.

Get on your feet. Get out that door.

Whatever time of day or night it is, you get up. Now.

  • hands you a rifle*

Get on your feet, soldier.

Don't you know there's a war on?

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