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[edit] By Ozzie

My Dance floor game, explained.

It took me a while to figure what i did in the dance floor. It was not until many of my students try to imitate me and failed and I tried to help them get it right until they succeeded at it that it hit me between the eyes. Wow! I was doing a lot of moves uncounsciously that were getting me the results but until you try to explain it it doesn’t become conscious. Then it is easy and every body would say, “dude, that is retardedly easy”. Yes, just like “grab my *** routine”, that I developed uncounsciously until my buddy jlaix tried to write what I did but in my mind there was no structure. He pointed out what I did and made me explain it. again some other guys have asked me to explain this etc. so I will.

This **** is highly addictive to the point that you don’t do anything else. You are just about the dance floor game because you don’t need to talk. It is a “grab and make out” job.

Same thing with dance floor game that I developed out of cheer improvisation. Benefits of this dance floor game are many, one of the most juicy ones is fast make outs. Fast make outs don’t sub solid game but they get you to first base like a mother ****er. Wouldn’t you agree? Lol. (inside joke). I kid you not, I have made out with girls in seconds in the dance floor to the astonishment of my students and mine!. Students always say the same “I could never do that”. Yes, you too..if you had the iron balls to try it. very important here to have no approach anxiety and be in the moment(credits tux) and having fun. Genuinely having fun. No cheating there. Half hearted approaches will get you blown out like ….some..thing(ace ventura.).

On to the specifics, as I travel the dance floor I open left and right girls that give me eye contact or seem to be having fun(I love fun, so you will find me with fun people). I just dance with them to the music. I do it nonchalantly and not caring about outcome. Again you must be in state and having fun for this. I don’t go up and go face to face with her, i would just dance NEXT TO her in a non threatening way for a while, if she complies, I keep baiting her until she is right up my face. Again this is calibration, I have had girls that are so in state(or high) that they just grab me and then drop the bull**** and grind them. Then make out. For this you don’t need to be ****ing Michael Jackson, you just need a couple of grinding moves down that are sexy and suave and that´s it. no fancy **** here. You are in. you know when you are in, right?

My usual mo is that I am the guy having all the fun, huge smile, dancing all the time, jumping up and down, irresistible, sickening fun vibe. So much energy that it would drain you to just watch me. I do that to the point that girls ask me the question: “what are you on?”. Then I tell them to get a sip from my drink. Usually water or soda. And I then I go “you just injested a cocktail of high calibre drugs” “do you feel it? do you ****ing feel that getting you excited?”..and they usually go “yeahhhh!!”..make out. Simple, man. This **** here is simple. Lol. from there on it is your game.

Summerizing it!

I will give it some structure to something that doesn’t have it nor it is intended to have any. So in a way I am just killing it.


1. no words are necessary. Just an irresistible, sickening fun vibe. If you are not in ULTRA state this is not your game. ULTRA state being something that normal people will call drugs, and I just call it “happy to be here and own this ****”. To quote my buddy tux !!!!shameless¡¡¡¡¡. thanks pal, learned tons from you. 2. approach sideways if possible. Test the waters before getting it on, in the same token don’t be a puss. Milliseconds of hesitation will kill it for you. Dead. 3. once you are both side ways, inititate kino buy innocently grinding her sideways with your hips. Non threatening. Check for resistance. If she is compliant, by all means move on. Good thing to do is high five her at this point. if she is compliant, move on. At this point I do all kinds of ****: is open so I go and grind with the whole group, specially with the fatty or shy one so I get group approval; 2 I would grind her back to back, rubbing our asses together, circumventing resistance, then turn around. Then go back to my girl. now that I have approval we can grind. Again you have to be smooth and natural as ****. Cool vibe is a must!

That´s basically it. dumb as ****. But it works probably 90 percent of the time if you are in state. You need to hunt for groups that are having fun and are in state to make it work 100 percent of the time.


1. it is a lot of fun for you and the girl. 2. fast make outs get you to first base, so you just have to run some rapport later and try to pull. 3. super fast: seconds make outs, 3-5 minute make outs,.if not make out, you get lots of kino going, etc. no down side. 4. once you do this you feel more in state and maintain your fun vibe through out the evening. So when you come out of the dance floor you are in mad state, ready to kill…or open. one thing, though. Make sure you don’t become “entertainment” for the night, or “dancing” partner that is unable to pull the trigger…. You are there to get ultimately get the girl.

Feel free to use it. dance floor game. Ahhh….!!!

Credits to Tyler and Jlaix for pushing me to pull girls from the dance floor. It made me want to do this all the time. In a way it is their job. Credit where it is due.

almost a year since i wrote this and if i were to change anything from recent learning experiences i would say forget the outcome and go in there with a fun vibe. dont tip toe your way around the girl because it is chode behaviour. most important thing is to have fun yourself and let them join you in all the fun.

today my bcs for some reason drift onto the dance floor so we end up in the middle of the dance floor grabbing girls left and right. i wonder why.

incidentally i dont teach dancefloor game in my bcs because i dont think it can be taught to everybody.... it is just something that we do for fun.

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