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Like the clockwise jacking of a volume knob and the sparkle and crack of pyrotechnics, I join the Real Social Dynamics team.

Relatively recently, my own personal journey to understand women, based on front line gender skirmish and all-embracing attempts of academic de-codificatioin of the female psyche, reached a pinnacle.

The system is now apparent, and ready to be distributed.

Never was I subject to the 'community' in the times of lines and routine stacks. Frankly, if the community was more an acting academy than a melting pot of identity level change I would have remained in the local university library trying to figure this stuff out for myself.

Mum always taught me, be the gentleman, be the chivalry, be the chode internet pr0n connoisseur. For so long I listened. After all she was more older and more female than I was.

What mum didn't know was that it was all about cultivating the naturally attractive guy inside all of us.

Let me ask you something. Do you remember the first time you ever hit on a woman?

You were probably six, maybe seven. You probably had a stir of squeamish feelings deep in your viscera as your engaged the object of your affections. Cue the harps and let your eyes glaze over as you relive those moments. How did you approach the pre pubescent seduction?

If you, like most guys, allowed your blind spots to eclipse what actually transpired you would recall that it probably involved you calling the girl a loser or a dork or telling her you hate her.

A communication of higher status? A challenging and indifferent frame? Exposing her to a range of emotions?

All the right stuff. Perhaps a bit miscalibrated, but still. Bear in mind this sort of voluntary action is the completely natural, DEFAULT 'the way you are wired' behavior.

And like Matrix Revolutions realize that you were wired correctly from the beginning. Without that software this race as we know it would have died out a long time ago.

At that stage you weren't yet old enough to be molded by such social conditioning catalysts as MTV's Parental Control or Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan tag team teachings.

By the time we get to the age of fifteen the backs of our hands are red raw from disciplinary slaps. An accurate metaphorfor living your life in reaction.

Realize this in the venture to cultivate the naturally attractive guy inside all of us. Like the controlled demolition of a sky scraper, demolish the existing skewed, conformist socially conditioned identity that you're living with and rebuild the foundations of your naturally attractive self.

Let each additional level be the implementation of a positive habit, perhaps a masculine internal belief.

As you install the latest technology into your shiny new structure, as you call in the renovators to implement aesthetic style into your being and a gym membership to maintain and tune the posture of your brand new entity you become a certain type of guy.

To rehash an old chestnut floating around in this pickup game, attraction is not a choice. This type of guy cannot be ignored. He'll turn heads and have the girls gaming him.

Did you ever have a girl just 'choose you'? Kinda cool huh? Not the usual script of trying to push water uphill on the beaches of Normandy in WWII.

Take a moment to reflect on the percentage of attractive women in the world? Twenty-five percent, Maybe thirty? Contrastingly,realize what percentage of guys really have that combination of natural attractiveness while having their life together.

I'd wager somewhere between three and five percent.

These are the sorts of guys that girls will go crazy for. The truly sex-worthy guy. Not the palm reading guy wearing a sparkly Harry Potter jacket putting women under his spell.

I for one am proud to say that Real Social Dynamics is an advocate of the Sex-Worthy 'got his life together guy.'

And I'm even prouder to say that I've been given an opportunity to play a pivotal part in transforming guys into that minority of the male population that generates attraction everywhere he goes.

Meditate on the fact that, guys don't get laid because they are successful, but rather, guys become successful because they are the naturally attractive type of guy who gets laid. This may seem counter intuitive initially. Consider Richard Branson.

That, gentlemen, is what it's all about. Cultivating the Naturally attractive guy that's stifled somewhere deep inside all of us. The default. The Hero (to quote a well respected colleague).

I'm about to plug the iPod into my car stereo, grab a few mates and head down the coast to surf the beautiful Australian beaches. After an afternoon kicking around I know it's gonna be time to hit the town and make some girls' nights.

Maybe her breakfast as well...

What action are you taking?


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