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Check out that song while you read this; it's the shit.

This is my 666th post...and it's good.

A few years back (like 3 years ago now) I met my "blueprint girl". Straight up lovestruckness, etc. Note that I had a very hot girlfriend at the time, and had no intention of cheating on her besides maybe some ego-based ideas that are sorta irrelevant in this case...

This chick just totally ignited my nimbus.

I KNOW that once I can harness the feelings I felt for this chick; somehow bottle it and internalize this...I can get every girl. always.

So here's my attempt to bottle this so far:

I'll start with her physical attributions...Because somehow it might even be "gene"-related...


I'd post up a picture, but would find that a little "creepy" from my part haha...

-A little shorter than me; about 2-3 inches. -very light-blue eyes that shine of female-nimbus -tans very well; caramel -thick blonde wavy hair -slightly toned/muscular/lean (like she plays tennis or something) -yet a very nice n curvy ass & c-cup titties. -full lips -nice teeth (i know, random) -Just overal a VERY healthy look -"signature girl" => check out foodbuddhas descriptions of how plain clothes and no makeup still she's FUCKING hot.


-Well traveled; and therefore a certain centredness that I really rarely find in chicks -Not in her head (I backwards rationalized this one) -VERY good posture; walks like a fuckin queen -classy yet oozes sex -very down to earth -didn't mind being alone.

What it felt like:

-I recognized a strong degree of myself in her...sounds strange but it's really what it seemed like. -I felt "like me" -I became present also when I wasn't with her... -Basically she was an external trigger for my nimbus -I became very expressive & no impressiveness -THE PERFECT WIN-WIN for BOTH of us.

I finally felt like it was a girl that was "good enough for me." Not in an ego-way; but it was rather a FEELING I got. I'm totally backwards rationalizing the last part; and it REALLY fits (the words point extremely close to the feeling). And I knew I was good enough for her: my nimbus.

My nimbus blasted: I had extremely "high value."

It was like super-chargedness.

Her friends would say shit like we just "magnetized" eachother. My friends would just be a little pissed of such a fine piece of ass would like me; to be honest I was quite amazed myself. Yet it didn't feel undeserved.

I must add that I DID NOT want to "own her." I had no intentions to actually be with this chick any longer than the present moment. Although unspecified; and I didn't want it to end; I had no intentions to "crush this flower in an attempt to keep it."

I think this is the little hidden gem that Tim left us:

WIN-WIN = THE perfect situation.

Win-win is not a "moral code" of pimpdom like I used to see it: "Oh yeah it's a win-win situation for both the girl and me..." basically using that as a mind-set that points at how we are just as high-value as the girl (m=f value)...not realizing the TRUE implication of this.

It also means YOU win. YOU WIN. YOU WIN. She also wins just as much as you: BUT YOU WIN TOO!

You also win. It means you even win if it means you not fucking any other girls besides this one for an unspecified time. (I'm not saying forever, I'm not sayin not-forever). Because you don't want to. You really don't. No desire. No socially-conditioned crap; but TRULY being totally fullfilled by her. I'm talking lowdash69's signature "VICTORY" kinda shit.

Can you be fullfilled by a girl?


Fullfillment comes from within.


No because we know what it means to have natural game.


That's what it means.

The ultimate state; the nimbus of nimbusses comes from within.

I believe it was a meeting of nimbusses.

The interaction went as follows:

-I did my first cold approach in the world! EVER! with this chick...before the game n shit...I was on holidays and went up with the least chodiest friend of mine; up 2 flights of stairs onto their balcony. The fatty was sitting outside while the 4 hot ones were getting ready. I opened with some shit about whether they were gonna go out that night; and if they minded going together...Fatty was all up for it...which is how we ended up walking to the party street together. We were all rather drunk; and I was in full expressive mode. Yapping my ass of to this hotty. Whooosh. Ended up isolating her upstairs on a couch. It's so funny how I "did all the right things" hahahaha. Went downstairs and started dancin n grindin. Thought it was all good fun n shit and due to my chodiness we didn't even make out that night.

The weird thing is that I remember that I thought she was fuckin hot, but had no real "nimbus"like feelings...UNTIL...

I heard that she actually liked me.

This is when I guess I gave myself permission to go "WHOOM" NIMBUS ON.

What is this post about?

Is it about me reminiscing over some chick I had a crush on 3 years ago???

NO mothafakka

It's about something bigger.

Read between the lines.

It's about what WIN-WIN REALLY means. It's about DROPPING your ego; and ALLOWING your nimbus to permeate!

It wasn't until I "knew it was safe" for me to really lazerfocus and had PERMISSION FROM HER to nimbulize her; that I did so.


It's about TOTALLY KNOWING AND BELIEVING -with all of your heart- that she is ALWAYS allowing you to BE VONURABLE. Set yourself up vulnurable. Stop being such a bitch and protecting yourself. STOP PROTECTING YOURSELF WITH NIMBUS. Nimbus comes when you let go.

Actually set yourself up vulnurable.

Check out a physically super attractive chick. One that rocks ur cock...

Don't SEARCH for one. You'll know as you're just being you.

You know that saying "It's always on!"?

Well...yes it's always on.

But we often don't totally submerge ourselves in mindsets!

What "It's always on" REALLY means: Is not just "yeah ofcourse she wants me too" or just mere acceptance. But it means SHE LIKES YOU.

Yes she said it to her friends (b4 she even knows she does). She likes you. She just doesn't know it yet...however the INSTANT you open & touch her with love she will.

....She's it for tonight.

Walk up to her with an OPEN heart; like "Hey baby!" "It's me!"

"Yes I'm gonna fuck you better than anyone's ever fucked u before..but that's obvious"

"It's me!" "ME!" "HEY! yes!!"

Don't just claw her: hug her with love. Smile upto the point that tears shoot out ur fuckin eyes. You know the feeling I'm talking about.

Touch her with love. It's shooting from your limbs and body like electricity.

Look at her with fuckin LOVE man.

The stars have alligned

Total Win-Win baby.

It's when your nimbus brings out her nimbus, and nimbusses colide into a thunderstorm of sex n love

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